Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Photos from Vermillion

...this time from Jean of Ladies and Gentlemen Studio. I pretty much took these images straight from her post last week...thanks Jean!

Submaterial's felt piece was truly stunning and was complimented so well by the petal credenza with cast resin doors from urbancase. It was really a match made in heaven. L&G's mega doily is the neatest rug I have seen all year. *Swoon*

A close of of the entirely HAND CUT felt piece. *Drool*

Totes, from Meet Me Here made from recycled rubberized mesh, that would have been a PERFECT companion in Miami Beach a few weeks ago. Next year, definitely. (These pieces will be on display for the entire length of the show.)

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'll take one of each please.

I can't get enough of the cardboard lights from Graypants, Inc. The shadows they cast are really something to see.

Corian and powder coated steel pedestal tables and chairs and thermoformed corian pendants from Iacoli & McAllister. The detail and craftsmanship should be duly noted.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Photo Highlights from 12/11

A special thanks to Tomika D for taking some amazing photos at Vermillion. And a special thanks to me for finally posting them. Hah.

Hand cut and assembled felt ornaments by Submaterial.

Looking through amazing bags and clothing from Meet Me Here.

Credenza by urbancase has case resin doors with delicate flower petals.

Graypants' Scrap Lights are always a crowd pleaser.

Oversized lamps/bench from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio were a serious smash. We were just in Miami Beach for Art Basel/Design Miami, and the pieces reminded us of the Mondrian Hotel in Miami Beach designed by Marcel Wanders.

Powder coated frame pendants from Iacoli & McAllister.

Ornaments and jewelry for sale at the event.

Be sure to check out Tomika's other photos here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

JOIN: i think it was a success

photo credit: jean lee

now that the dust has settled after a seemingly hugely successful event, i will start posting photos (downloading them now from the photographer). until then...please check out ladies & gentlemen's blog and their flckr for more photos.

and a special thanks once again to EVERYONE who participated in this event to make it the success that it was. :)))))

Sunday, November 23, 2008

sneak peak to dec 11th at vermillion gallery

urbancase is a seattle based furniture design and build firm founded in 2002 by metal worker and sculptor darin montgomery. our design philosophy is to create objects that contribute to a simpler, pared back lifestyle focusing on basic aesthetic elements and functionality. we make informed decisions about the materials and methods we use in an attempt to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

meet me here
meet me here is a line of clothing and bags designed by musician jonas de varona.
the line includes bags made from recycled materials as well as tops and skirts made from hand painted silk, leather and non woven fabrics. all pieces are cut and sewn by jonas in his seattle work space.

founder: david hamlin
works by submaterial explore the tension created by trying to define objects as art or as design. emphasizing texture, repetition of form and precise hand work, these pieces compliment modern environments.
all our work is made to last in the united states.

iacoli & mcallister
iacoli & mcallister is a joint effort between jamie newman and brian mcallister. we are micro and we design in order to stay that way. we keep our hands on the process from concept to finished product, handing off to craftsmen and incorporating industrial processes as we go. we design honestly with real life situations in mind, thinking about the future and the world.

dylan davis from henrybuilt kitchen systems
jean lee from chikabird inc
L&G celebrates objects and rituals in all their glory whether new or old, shiny or matted, natural or man made, simple or complex. their mission is to give new identities and value to mundane objects by highlighting their purity and inherent character.

seth grizzle & jonathan junker
seth and jonathan are architects. they also like to use their hands, designing and building things like chairs and light fixtures. they first crossed paths at kent state university in cleveland, honing abilities to endure long winters and earning professional degrees in architecture + design. now, eight years of collaboration and spirited adventure has landed them in seattle, where graypants, inc. was forged from a desire to make a difference through design.


in addition to the designers featured above, there will be artwork by ann farnsworth duffy (above) and paul thomas. sadly, birdwatchers united! have been called back east for an early christmas, and won't be able to join us dec 11th, maybe next time.

a special thanks to vermillion gallery for hosting our event!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

and the postcards are IN

yay! now it's time to paper the town with postcards! i can't believe that it's already time to really start promoting this event. time is FLYING by - but that's a good thing, right?

i feel SO fortunate to have met such talented and enthusiastic people (please check them out in the links to the right). i am so thankful to each of you for being so supportive AND patient. we're going to rock the boat a little in seattle's design community!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Next Event...

Come and check it designers, new products, Birdwatchers United!...what more could one possibly ask for?!?

vermillion gallery
1508 11th ave - btwn pike & pine
opening 6pm-11pm
show runs thru january 4, 2009

graypants - lighting
iacoli & mcallister - furniture/lighting/accessories
ladies & gentlemen studio - furniture
meet me here - bags & clothing
submaterial - wall installation/decor
urbancase - furniture
birdwatchers united! - music! (time tbd)