Thursday, April 29, 2010


Our friends from JOIN Design Seattle are gearing up for International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in NYC from May 15-18. We wish we could go to NYC just to check it out in person!! Unfortunately we're missing it again...sigh.
But lucky for us, these 7 design firms below have thoughtfully planned a preview party in Seattle TONIGHT for the less fortunate people like us who cannot attend the show. Woo Hoo!!

+Yuri Kinoshita
+ far4
+ Iacoli & Mcallister
+ 16th Workshop
+ urbancase
+ graypants

5813 AIRPORT WAY SOUTH in Georgetown

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fabuloso Marketo

This awesomeness.....
plus this awesomeness....
Equals.....this awesomeness
Starting April 13-April 18 at the Milan Design Fair 2010, Apartamento Magazine and DesignMarketo are teaming up to create a pop up shop called FoodMarketo.

It's a half pop up store, half cooking workshop, selling contemporary design objects commissioned to over 30 international designers and hosting daily workshops to share recipes and everyday life ingredients.

I'm so wishing that I can go to Milan just for this event! If only I knew how to fly my private jet that's sitting in my backyard...this sucks.

...but Chloë sevigny's life on the other hand looks pretty awesome....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Some fun Weekend Events this Saturday

There's couple of fun things going on this the weather is supposed to be nice!!

Champagne Truffle: Henry Gift Shop project #6 (the final project)
Tea Party reception, March 27, 2-4:30pm, open now through April 11

Champagne Truffles with Maki Tamura, Nicholas Nyland, Jennifer Campbell, Ian Toms and me, Saya Moriyasu. 5 artists along with Matthew Offenbacher transformed the space with wallpaper, live webcam of a cat colony, videos and precious belongings. Feel free to come and hang out in the space, eat lunch, watch the kitties and write in the journal.

Henry Art Gallery
University of Washington
15th Ave NE and NE 41st
WA 98195
(206)543-2280 phone

Spring Open House with 4 floors of resident artists, 3 bands and food & drinks to keep you happy!
Open House, March 27, 2-8pm

peruse the Hiawatha Artists Lofts open studios 3pm-6pm
mingle with the 60+ residents & their neighborhood
support the Hiawatha Artists in their first annual silent auction 3pm-6pm
listen to one resident musician & two visiting bands from S. California & Portland 6:30pm-8:10pm
check out the little café that caffienates our residents....amongst our other neighboring specialty businesses
enjoy the new neighborhood developments as we can walk freely down a beautiful new sidewalk
share a yellow truck from Georgetown called H A L L A V A....yes bring your cash, they will be here from 2pm until the food runs out!

Jackson Place Community, Hiawatha Artist Loft
843-855 Hiawatha Place South
Seattle, WA, 98144

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shoppe Success!!

Thanks to everyone who came out for JOIN's Design Shoppe in December! What a fun night! Above and below are a few of our quick pics from the beginning of the evening before it got too crowded for words...

Above are Chalk It To Me animals by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and pillows by Piano Nobile.

Grain's Ty and Ty D.I.Y. Edition plus some new purses (in their shop now) made in collaboration with artisans in Guatemala. Above them are Mini-Pedestal SELECT's by Iacoli & McAllister.

urbancase's candles above plainMade's felt bags and other textile wares.

Grain's new Electric Love rings made from reclaimed electrical wire and Cheri necklaces.

Chickabird's notebooks using Piano Nobile fabric and Greg Bethel's Sigg Faucet Caps.

Screen printed textiles by Dinah Coops Design.

Brian McAllister and Greg Bethel.

Loc Trinh and a friend in front of work by Meet Me Here.

Design Shoppe also included jewelry by fortyfive09, fruit super, Free Time Industries and &c.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Our friend Joelle King recently launched her new line of jewelry, Au Fait. Her new collection, BOOM, is inspired by vintage radios, remote controls, speakers and cables. They're versatile, sleek, and handsome modern pieces that can be adorn by both men and women. With such well-designed and refined proportions, we almost wish that they're actual radios that we can put on our credenza!I'm in love with the Cable Necklace where the ends are filled with yellow resin.
They're available here, and she's offering free shipping till January 1st!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Can you really afford to miss this?

laser nature series, free time industries

pillows, piano nobile

transistor radio, urbancase

silk scarf detail, plainMADE

sigg faucet, greg bethel

chalk-it-to-me series, ladies & gentlemen studio

mini-pedestal SELECT, iacoli & mcallister

cheri, grain

so big it's ridiculous, fruitsuper

one-of-a-kind jewelry, fortyfive09

hemp tea towels, dinah coops

notebooks, chikabird

one of a kind jewelry, &c.

just in case you thought
you could miss out on
i thought i would remind you
that you really shouldn't.