Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Events: Urban Planning with Sieverts

There's a series of really interesting events happening in Seattle this week from July 1st-3rd concerning the idea of urban planning specifically in Seattle and Burien. Occasioned by Thomas Sieverts, there will be discussions, film showings, and exhibits surrounding this topic.

Suddenly Presents: Seattle and Burien, July 1-3, 2009

Our cities surprise and confound us by scrambling the categories we
use to plan and understand them. At once dense and sprawling, crowded
and empty, urban but centerless, dynamic and stalled, the landscape
where we live defies planning and leaves us with little grasp of its
meanings or pleasures. Yet it is the product of our choices,
individually and as a public: we live here now. So, what can we make
of it? Suddenly will bring art and food and public conversation to
bear on the common cause of making meaning and life in the landscape
where we live now — as it is, as we are, as best we can.

We're thinking of checking these events below:

Wednesday July 1
7:30 pm “Urban Aesthetics,” lecture by Thomas Sieverts (at Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave., Seattle, $5 suggested donation)

Friday July 3: (if you can splurge...this dinner sounds really amazing)
Corridor Project closing dinner at 6pm hosted by Michael Hebb,with Matthew Stadler and Thomas Sieverts in conversation, including a celebration of “suddenly: where we live now, the visual chronicle;” (see www.onepot.org for details). It's $40 for the dinner
The documentation of the Corridor Project IIII: Habitat: will be on display. The opening of the Exhibition is open to the public and begins at 9pm in Occidental Plaza in Pioneer Square.
Corridor Project IIII is an exploration of the wilderness and landscape of the Interstate 5. Michael Hebb, Hannes Wingate and Michael McManus discovers what it means to live, eat, and create a habitat for 3 days in one of the freeways generous median areas. (crazy!!)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ctrl+Alt+DESIGN Recap

So Finally! Went through all the photos we took...all 200+ of them! Phew!!
You can see the crowd and the space at Ouch My Eye. The sun lit room made the space look even more amazing. Here's all the designs that were at the show. Remember, the show will be up through July, 12th, and the gallery will also be open late for First Thursday Art Walk on July 2nd.
Above: Graypants , Grain, Elisa WerblerAbove: Frame Lamp by Iacoli & McAllister, Paper Flower Shade by Lit, Peep Show Shade by Andrea Claire, Scrap by Graypants, Porcailine shade by Heath Bultman.Above: Pedestals by Iacoli & McAllister, Ceramic Cans by Jason Neufeld, Doily Clock by Stanley Ruiz, Hookup by Fruitsuper Design, "Pour"by Elisa Werbler, Recycled leather sculpture by Submaterial. Necklaces by Stanly Ruiz, Wood & Corian rings by Iacoli & McAllister, Cryon Rings by Timothy Liles, Cinder Block necklace by Kiel Mead.
Hairpiece, and mirror necklaces by FortyFive-09.Above are some of the figures I made for the Chalk-It-To-Me Series along with the Buddha figure and Piggy Bank. I provided bunch of various colored chalk and people went crazy on all the Chalk-It-To-Me figures. It was fun to see the progression of what people drew as the night went on. As you can see that what used to be the handsome black panther got turned into a drag queen panther.... Good times. :D
I especially enjoyed the art installations and art work by (knee shy). They have a wonderfully analytical, but humorous way of commenting about the audacity of our everyday behaviors and interactions. They didn't begin working on their piece until arriving in Seattle allowing their journey here to inspire them to document a movement of their own creation: O.N.W.A.R.D: Our Nation Want Airport Re-Design. Their installed piece mocked humanity's futile efforts to improve airports by adding things like bad art and crappy shopping to our air travel experiences. Pretty funny stuff.
Brite Collective has a section in the show with all the Brite Lites are displayed. It was fun to see them again in the gallery context and I think it got a lot of people curious and interested in it! Become a Brite Collective facebook fan and get all our updates plus other design-related Seattle happenings!
More of Tricia's Bread Friend Map. It was even more impressive to see the bread board that she had someone custom made for her. I love all the adorable playful doodles that people did through out the map, too!
There's seriously too many photos! You can see MORE on our Flickr!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

piano nobile open studio 6/20

Saturday June 20th 4-8pm
Studio Piano Nobile
phone 917-862-2262

*Grow/Draw: New Paintings by Isabelle Grizzard Robertson*

*The Positivity Project*
A collaboration between dao jewelry and the Piano Nobile Printshop.

The first collection of furniture, lighting, and textiles from Piano Nobile Home made its debut in May. A selection of tables and lamps will be on display.

*Farmhouse Modern*
Chadhaus introduces the newest piece in the celebrated Farmhouse Modern collection: a dining table made entirely from recycled or salvaged materials, including some gorgeous straight-grain fir.

*Live Music!*

Summer Open Studio will spill from the gallery into the front drive, where musician and author Steve Treseler and company will perform.

more information on the studio piano nobile website.

grain presenting @ green drinks in bellevue TONIGHT

Grain will be presenting at the next Eastside-Seattle Green Drinks on June 18th 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm at Open Satellite. Grain will be presenting their Ty Recyclable Shower Curtain as well as talking about some of their up-coming projects. The event is sponsored by Georgetown Brewery, so don't forget to bring your own reusable cup.

The current Open Satellite exhibition is Vehicle by New York-based artist Seth Kinmont. It is an amazing installation of in-process electric cars and is not to be missed!